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With the ability to customize for virtually any project, our 20,000 sq. ft. assembly department offers the added value of further project completion without additional shipping cost. We have over 30,000 sq. ft. of flexible storage space at our facility and track our parts with part numbers and storage location numbers. We maintain an inventory mana... (Manufacturing Support)

Pacific Metal Fab uses the latest versions of Solid Works Design and AutoCad for client engineering support. We are capable of working with DXF solid or wire-frame files. Our six Engineering workstations and FTP site allows us to support you in virtually all aspects of engineering.... (Engineering & Design)

Pacific Metal Fab handles a wide variety of material on a daily basis. Our material cutting department is ready to alter the size of any material that is required for your project. We are very confident in our machines and operators ability to achieve precise measurements and high tolerances.... (Material Cutting)

We have latest technology in CNC Laser cutting. Our Bystronics and Prima lasers range from 1,800 to 5,000 watts, with piercing and cutting capability of .003" to 1.00", while maintaining tolerances of .003" to .007", depending on your material composition and programming application.... (Laser Cutting)

One of the industry's most versatile tools for precision cutting where lasers or punching cannot be used. With a table size of 4 feet by 8 feet, this system will cut material up to 6.00" thick.... (Water Jet Cutting)

Our CNC Punching Center is equipped with an Amada Pega 344 and an Amada Vipros 357, which utilizes a hydraulic striker. The Vipros is able to insert form features into its applications much faster and more cost effectively than traditional punch presses.... (CNC Punching)

Our Forming department is equipped with CNC-programmable press brakes, this allows for faster setup and a wider range of bending capabilities than conventional press brakes.... (CNC Forming)

Our CNC tube-bending department is capable of bending pipe and tube up to 3" OD with no limit on part length. Closed loop electronics maximize material utilization and insure the shape of each part in the production run.... (CNC Tube Bending)

Seven CNC mills, four CNC lathes and several manual machines easily handle those large production runs with room left over for prototype work.... (CNC Machining)

Our CNC Router provides us with an additional machining option for materials like UHMW, Delrin, Polycarbonate, Wood, and some composite type materials.... (CNC Router)

Our Haeger insertion press allows us to install all types of self clinching fasteners. This allows PMF increased productivity through the use of technology.... (Hardware Insertion)

Our 15,000 sq. ft. space is set up with two CNC robotic welders, Mig stations, Tig stations and spot welding stations. We can handle anything you bring our way, including large complex projects such as weldments, display racks, and chassis.... (Welding)

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) has brought metal machining to a completely new level. Parts that were considered to be impossible with traditional machining techniques can now easily be produce on our CNC EDM machine.... (Wire EDM)

We utilize four urethane machines to produce a wide variety of molded urethane shapes and sizes. We can produce products in a variety of colors and hardness to fit you needs.... (Urethane Molding)

Pacific Metal Fab uses several types of equipment to perform required deburring operations. This equipment includes a 36" Timesaver, several vibratory deburring machines, and manual operations.... (Deburring)

Pacific Metal Fab. utilizes a 1700. fully automated powder coating line which includes a 9 stage phosphate line to provide additional corrosion protection. Our phosphate line also includes a processing system to remove mill scale and laser carborization from laser cut steel parts. We can run an extensive variety of colors and textures to meet your ... (Finish Processing)

We coordinate shipments that range from bulk shipments to one location to hundreds of parts going to hundreds of locations. Special attention is given to packaging so your product arrives in the same excellent condition as it left our facility. We also provide drop shipment options to best fit your logistic requirements.... (Delivery)