Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support
With the ability to customize for virtually any project, our 20,000 sq. ft. assembly department offers the added value of further project completion without additional shipping cost. We have over 30,000 sq. ft. of flexible storage space at our facility and track our parts with part numbers and storage location numbers. We maintain an inventory management database to provide up to the minute product inventory information.

Dell 2800 Power Edge Server

Our server is equipped with all of the latest hardware and software that today's technology has to offer. Getting a quote, uploading files and contacting our customer service department is a breeze with our web site and FTP server. Daily server backups combined with our network firewall insure that your files are safe with us.

MIETRAK 32 Support Software

Production control, job tracking, scheduling, quoting, shipping and invoicing, MIETRAK does it all.

Over 110,000Sq. Ft. MFG. Floor Space

ISO Compliant Quality Processes