5-Axis Large Format Plasma Cutting w/ Drilling and Tapping

Our large format Kinetic Plasma table is capable of performing precise bevel cuts, as well as precision drilled and tapped holes in up to 3" thick steel plate all in one process.

Fast & Efficient Precision Sheet Forming

We have a full service press brake department capable of handling complex bends and high volume production. We use some of the latest servo-driven press brake technology in our facilities.

Full Service CNC Machining

Our large CNC machining department featuring up to date Haas CNC Mills and Lathes will produce the results you need within tight tolerance. Projects small and large, we have the machinery to handle it.

CNC Tube Laser Cutting & CNC Tube Bending

We utilize some of the best Italian CNC Laser technology by BLM on the market today. Our facility is equipped with 5 axis Fiber tube lasers that can cut steel, stainless, and aluminum with exceptional speed and precision that eliminates the need for multiple operations to achieve the same results.

Our Tube bending capabilities help eliminate human error in performing complex bends. The speed and repeatability of CNC tube bending saves time and produces a more precise part, keeping costs lower for the end consumer.

MIG, TIG & Robotic Welding

PMF houses a full team of experienced welders as well as multiple multi-axis robotic welders with automated rotating tables. Robotic welding helps dramatically decrease weld times and increases consistency and repeatability for high volume orders.

High Volume Powder Coating

Our automated powder coating line is capable of high volume production. Featuring automated chemical etching and drying before powder coating to ensure superior surface adherance and an extra smooth and uniform finish.

Final Assembly

Need your parts to arrive with hardware, assembled, and ready to go? Our Assembly department has you covered.

Full Service Engineering 

Our design engineers have experience designing mechanical, structural, safety, retail displays. Small and large machined parts, and farming processing equipment are just a few examples of the types of projects we take on and fabricate to exact customer specifications. Not happy with your current provider? Hit the contact button below!

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